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Why You Need Plain-Box Discreet Shipping

Cardboard Box With Logo

Logos on Packaging

Companies love custom packaging since it looks professional and upscale. However, those logos don’t leave much to the imagination and act as an obvious signal to the contents of your package, ruining gift surprises and attracting thieves to high-dollar labels.

Cardboard Box With Labels

Return Labels

Even if a company offers plain-box shipping, the return address on the label still has the company’s name and address on it, and with a quick Google search of that name or address, can reveal the sender and the type of contents in your private package to anyone else.

Cardboard Box With Packing Slips

Packing Slips and Customs Labels

Often times the packing slip and customs labels for internationally shipped packages have the exact contents of the box written on them that can pique the curiosity of others.

Discreet Drop hides all logos and return addresses

Only you would know what’s in your private shipments

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Discreet Drop Benefits and Uses

Hide Return Labels to Keep Personal Items a Secret

A quick Google search of the name or address on your package’s return label will bring up the sender’s website, revealing the type of contents you ordered to whoever gets your package before you do. Discreet Drop provides the only way to hide these labels with another box, so once your package arrives to you, the return label can’t be linked back to the sender.

Cardboard Box With Label

Cover Up International Customs Forms and Packing Lists

When purchasing items from another country, packages going through customs require an attached form listing the specific contents of the package in order to enter the country, leaving a detailed explanation of what is in the box once it is cleared by customs and delivered to you. Even domestic shipments often include packing lists in an envelope stuck to the outside of the box, which can be looked at by anyone to see what items are in the package.

Cardboard Box With Packing Slips

Hide Logos Revealing Gifts for Other Members of Your Home

Logos and images on the outside of packages can easily spoil a surprise gift for someone’s birthday or the holidays if they see the box before you get a chance to hide it. Discreet Drop makes sure all your packages come to your home in a plain box with all the logos hidden, so if someone sees your package, the surprise gift stays a secret.

Gift Box

Deter Theives From Seeing Desirable Labels

Package theft from apartment common areas and front porches of homes has become an increasing problem, and packages shipped with flashy and desirable labels indicating valuable electronics and goods are an easy target for thieves. Discreet Drop puts your shipments in a plain box with no labels or logos, so your valuable package looks like any other.

Box With Logo and Thief

Cover Holes and Damaged Packaging

The shipping process is notoriously hard on packages; ripping holes and even tearing tape open before your package gets to your front door. Some sellers even use boxes with cut-out handles and even tapeless folded containers to ship books and other small items that can be opened and closed without any tamper evidence. Discreet Drop puts your package in another box to cover up any possible holes and the double-box prevents any new ones from showing up.

Cardboard Box with Holes

Ship All Your Packages to a P.O. Box From Any Courier

Shipping companies like UPS and FedEx can’t ship to P.O. Boxes, so most companies simply don’t allow you to enter your P.O. Box in as a shipping option. Since Discreet Drop uses USPS, you can send all your packages to us, and we’ll forward them to your P.O. Box for maximum privacy.

Discreet Drop Ships To PO Boxes

Your Packages Can Look Like This

Box With Logos Labels Holes and Packing Slips

Make Sure They Arrive Like This

Clean Discreet Plain Box

Keep Your Shipments a Secret